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Assistant Superintendents

As part of their position on the District's leadership team, the three Assistant Superintendents in the Tupelo Public School District are charged with leading specific specialty areas and grade groupings. The following is a brief overview of some of their specific responsibility areas:

Mr. Andy Cantrell

Grades 7-12, Athletics, Field Trips, Technology, Dual Enrollment/GED
Discipline Supervisor for Grades 7-12

Mrs. Kim Britton

Elementary 3-6, Human Resources, Special Education
Discipline Supervisor for Grades 3-6

Mrs. Anna Guntharp


Contact Us

Mr. Andy Cantrell, Assistant Superintendent
(662) 841-8859

Mrs. Kimberly Britton, Assistant Superintendent
(622) 841-8869

Mrs. Anna Guntharp, Assistant Superintendent
(662) 690-5712